Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe "frequently" isn't true for all of these. These are some frequently asked questions and some very unique questions that have been asked.

“What date was this site made public or created?” — Daniel
May 2013
“hello there, i like the idea behind this site, though i would like to get some kind of newsletters.
Thanks” — Charlie
Really? I can't unsubscribe from newsletters fast enough. I don't want to make those and I really doubt anyone wants to read it. I'll just shoot a direct email to you every few days.
“I want a random LIST of things. Why the **** are you adding pictures? I need words at least allow me to turn them off. You guys are are destroying your own purpose.” — Scott
Wow. This seems to really upset you. I'm pretty sure people like the images. I probably should add more throughout the site. That said, I'm open to adding it as an option, so I just did. Go take a look.
“I was wondering if I could include your website as a link in my food application for a class I am in. As the app works now, we simply click a button in the app and it redirects to your website, your random food generator is so powerful I cannot see myself designing one similar without mimicking a lot of what others have done. Also I receive no monetary gain for this app it is purely for class.” — Barindra
Sure. Anyone who wants to link to this site is welcome to do so.
“I do not like this website my teacher used it and it split up me and my friend!!” — Trinity
I'm really sorry.
“Your picture of a Yak is not a Yak, it is a Highland Cow.” — Alex
I'll fix that. Thanks for the heads up.
“You're ERASER random thing is misspelled” — Kwoth
I'll fix that. Thanks for the heads up.
“I sexually identify as an attack heicopter. And no I am not a human I just have to press yes BECAUSE YOU ASS U ME THAT I IDENTIFY AS A HUMAN. Thanks man!!” — Cheyenne
Whoa. …You're welcome.
“Are these used numbers?” — Ciara
Yes. All numbers on this site have been previously discovered. We have not invented any new numbers.