Random Books:

  1. Summer at Willow LakeSummer at Willow LakeSusan Wiggs
  2. Milk and HoneyMilk and HoneyRupi Kaur
  3. The NightingaleThe NightingaleKristin Hannah
  4. Fifty Shades Trilogy BundleFifty Shades Trilogy BundleE L James
  5. The Underground Railroad (National Book Award Winner) (OprahThe Underground Railroad (National Book Award Winner) (Oprah's Book Club)Colson Whitehead
  6. What She KnewWhat She KnewGilly MacMillan

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Random Books to Read

For those into books (heavens to murgatroyd why...), pick your next book at random from these suggested good reads. Randomness doesn't judge books by their cover, or their content... or by any criteria for that matter.

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