Random Hockey Teams:

  1. Carolina Hurricanes
  2. Calgary Flames
  3. Philadelphia Flyers
  4. Nashville Predators
  5. New York Islanders
  6. New York Rangers
  7. Montreal Canadiens
  8. San Jose Sharks
  9. Edmonton Oilers
  10. Columbus Blue Jackets
  11. New Jersey Devils
  12. Ottawa Senators
  13. Arizona Coyotes
  14. Boston Bruins
  15. Anaheim Ducks
  16. Minnesota Wild
  17. Chicago Blackhawks
  18. Vancouver Canucks
  19. Buffalo Sabres
  20. Washington Capitals
  21. Detroit Red Wings
  22. Florida Panthers
  23. Dallas Stars
  24. Pittsburgh Penguins
  25. Toronto Maple Leafs
  26. Winnipeg Jets
  27. Tampa Bay Lightning
  28. Colorado Avalanche
  29. St Louis Blues
  30. Los Angeles Kings

Random Hockey Teams

Why do warm areas have hockey teams? Canada and northern US make sense– Texas does not.

Instead of "pick-em" nhl pools, why not randomly assign teams to force the pool member to root for teams they may not love and add an element of luck to help hockey novices.

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